4 Simple Steps to Achieve Healthier Hair - By A Hair Stylist

4 Simple Steps to Achieve Healthier Hair - By A Hair Stylist


1.Get a good Detangling brush.
*DETANGLE Hair before washing (comb through prior to a shampoo/condition).
Try not to allow hair to become tangled when wet. (When hair is wet it is at its most delicate).

My Favorite Is:


2. Hydrate Your Hair! Find a good hair oil!
As soon as you finish your wash and conditioning process add your hair protection and defense your Hair Oil!!!

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Essential Hair oil Treatment, Works on All Hair Types


My Favorite Is:

For Thin or Fine Hair, Essential Hair oil Treatment, Light


3.Cover your hair at night with a Silk, or Satin/like night cap.

It will protect your strands while you toss and turn the night away!

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4.Trim your Ends 1-2 inches every 6-8 weeks.

Good luck on your healthy hair journey!


Linnie Weller, Co-Owner Heart Hair & Beauty LLC
Founder of Heart Hair & Beauty LLC
Licensed Cosmetologist

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