Hair Love

Hair Love

Haircare has always been a love of mine, that's why I named my company Heart Hair & Beauty LLC. When I style a person's hair, it truly comes from the heart.

Hair can truly become whatever you make it. Our crown (our head) is our display of such beautiful artwork - our hair, and the different styles we choose.

Why do you think we have such close friendships with our hair stylists or barbers? I've made life long friendships with some of my clients. Why? Because we love our hair! And we grow to love and trust the people that care for it and the products we use on it.  That's why we should care about what we put on it, and who we let care for it. Being Picky is ok!

Trying a new stylist and different beauty products, until you find the one that works for you and your hair is understandable!

Try our Essential Hair Oil Treatments. We hope you and your hair fall in love with our products.

Hair is Love.


Happy hair journey,

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