Preventing Damaged Hair

Preventing Damaged Hair

After Ten years of being a Cosmetologist & doing all types of hair, from naturally bone straight to the tightest & toughest curls, damaged hair means different things to different people. But what I have learned is that people want a fix! We want to love the hair that grows from our heads.
We all know that the hair that is growing naturally from your scalp usually is not damaged until you change something about the hairs, Texture or Color.
When you add chemicals like permanent color, perms, keratin treatments, or heat from flat Irons, &  blow dryers, it alters the chemistry of our hair, & more times than not leads to damage.
But we love to change our looks! And you can, you just really need to take extra care with your hair.
Say it again!
If you are a person who has done at least one chemical treatment to their hair, you must remember to take extra love and kindness with it.

As soon as you finish your wash and conditioning process add your hair protector, A Great Hair Oil!!!

Heart Hair & Beauty LLC's Essential Hair Oil Treatment does it All, so why don't you grab a bottle?

We have a product for everyone!

Yes, and every hair type!

Our Hair Oil:
Protects Hair from Flat Iron heat & Blow Dryer Damage
Protects Hair from Harmful UV Rays
Detangles Hair
Promotes Hair growth
Promotes a Healthy Scalp
Makes Hair Stronger
Stops Breakage & Hair Fall
Adds Shine
Helps Postpartum Hair Loss
Prevents Itchy & Flaky Scalp!

We Wish Good luck on your Healthy Hair Journey!

Linnie Weller, Co-Owner Heart Hair & Beauty LLC
Founder of Heart Hair & Beauty LLC
Licensed Cosmetologist

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