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Satin Bonnet For Kids

Satin Bonnet For Kids

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Protect your Kid's hair from frizz and breakage caused by friction with our Premium Satin Bonnet

Product Information: 

We use only the softest grade satin that prevents hair loss and helps you get a comfortable night's rest. 

Made with thick reversible satin with a custom stretch to fit and make sure it stays securely on your kid's head where it belongs as they sleep.

Helps reduce breakage, tangles and hair thinning.

Satin absorbs little to no moisture. This keeps your hair well hydrated.

Protect your kid's precious strands against nightly damage with our signature premium satin bonnet.

With our satin sleep cap, your kid will wake up every day with fresh hair. The durable elastic band keeps the sleep cap neatly in place. The sleep cap is universal and suitable for any hair type.

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