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Suitable for ponytails or buns for thick hair. For young ladies, teens or mums!

Product Information: 

We use only the softest grade satin that prevents hair loss and helps you maintain your style on the go.

Introducing the Satin Scrunchie! This stylish and versatile accessory is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Made from the highest quality satin fabric, this scrunchie is sure to make a statement. Satin absorbs little to no moisture. This keeps your hair well hydrated. 

The black color is bold and timeless, so you can wear it with any outfit. The design ensures that your hair stays in place all day long. Whether you want to dress up an outfit or just keep your hair out of your face, the perfect Satin Scrunchie is a perfect choice. Get ready to make a statement and add this stylish scrunchie to your collection today!

Hair Struggle it solves? These hair scrunchies combat unnecessary pulling and tearing of the hair (unlike traditional hair ties and rubber bands) because of the proper surface area of the scrunchie and the smooth fabrics used. You can also say goodbye to creasing in your hair after a long day of wearing a tight puff.

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