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Wood Boar Brush

Wood Boar Brush

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The Boars Brush is best suited for finer hair types. The natural bristles are anti-static and work to re-distribute the natural oils in your hair. Made with Premium Wood and Pure Boar Bristles, our hair brush is designed to stimulate the scalp and polish the hair shaft. The specific shape of the natural rubber cushion allows the pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly, providing a gentle brushing action on hair and scalp. This brush is ideal for medium and long hair. 


  • Ideal for fine to normal hair.
  • Polish hair shaft for natural hair shine.
  • Even pressure distribution during brushing.
  • Gentle scalp massage stimulates micro-circulation.
  • Even distribution of nutrients from scalp to hair tips.

  • In order to keep your brush for a long time, we recommend you clean and care for it regularly. Start by regularly freeing your brush from loose hair and when needed, wash the bristles in warm water and a touch of shampoo. Massage the bristles and then rinse through with clear water. Dry with a cloth and leave facing downwards. Try to avoid getting the wooden handle wet. 


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